"Salvatore Percacciolo conducted, drawing out the best of Ravel’s prismatic orchestration and keeping everything tight and orderly in the motley of Wang’s crazy-quilt score".

The Washington Post

"Salvatore Percacciolo, a young Italian protégé of the late Maazel, conducted a lively performance”

Los Angeles Times

Conductor Salvatore Percacciolo won me over completely last season when he courageously stepped in and most successfully took up the baton for Maazel and conducted Don Giovanni. He wowed me again last night. Both Tucci and Percacciolo bring such verve to ignite the comic spirit of both Maurice Ravel’s rarely performed L’Heure Espagnole and the world premiere of Derrick Wang’s Scalia/Ginsburg.

DC Theater Scene

Susan Galbraith

On the podium, Salvatore Percacciolo. Despite his young age, this promising conductor is able to give a proper and convincing evidence of orchestration, showing admirable sensitivity and poise. A personal and well-deserved success. At the end of the evening he was cheered with enthusiastic applause from the audience.

GB Opera Magazine

Camilla Simoncini

Maestro Salvatore Percacciolo conducted the Orchestra of the Musical Afternoons of Milan convincingly, giving a bright and airy reading. He succeeded in keeping the right balance between orchestra and the stage with poise.

Opera World

Mirko Bertolini

One thing is certain: if you are going to see "Lucia of Lammermoor", on stage from Friday 5th to Sunday 14th May at the Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, make sure you forget all the productions you have ever seen of this piece. Because this "Lucia" is the result of an elaborate, original and personal interpretation by Denis Krief, the stage director and of Mo. Salvatore Percacciolo, conductor of the orchestra, and of the singers ... The musical aspect goes hand in hand with the scenic one: Mo. Percacciolo has at times chosen a slow, unusually slow tempo, well suited to analyzing the narrative and dramatic implications of the work.

Sardegna Reporter

Francesca Mulas

Salvatore Percacciolo conducts the orchestra of the Teatro Lirico with great attention to the action on stage, literally reading the singers’ lips and providing an organic sound in the pit, which is ample, enveloping and accurate in its dynamics.

MTG Lirica

Maria Teresa Giovagnoli

In Mozart's Don Giovanni, the musical direction of Salvatore Percacciolo is by no means pompous, rather it is intimate in a rarefied atmosphere.

Corriere dello Spettacolo

Laura Cavallaro

From the musical point of view, Salvatore Percacciolo’s conducting is noted for its good balance, which never overwhelms the singers and at the same time provides the right – fast enough – tempi

GB Opera

Riccardo Viagrande

Salvatore Percacciolo conducted the opening overture from “La Forze del Destino” by Verdi in a measured tempo, careful to accurately accentuate the different moments. ... To the Tchaikovsky, Percacciolo brought a balanced sonority, thinned to delineate the femenine images and tensed for the more dramatic moments… ... The pianist clarified with elegant virtuosity the Allegro scherzando movement, which Percacciolo blended with harmony.

Giornale di Sicilia

Sara Patera

At the Teatro Massimo "Bellini" in Catania, on October 13, 2017, Mo. Salvatore Percacciolo proved to be able to handle the intricate score with passion and skill. Not surprisingly, his special talent was recognized by the great Lorin Maazel, with whom he studied. Mo. Percacciolo conducted the orchestra in a slightly more meditative tempo in some passages and dynamics; he gave his singers uninterrupted support, balancing the sound between pit and stage. He allowed the orchestra to develop the orchestral colours, the strings stressing the dramatic passages and bringing his own temperament to assert itself in the tragic revelations of the work. The great orchestra of the Teatro Massimo Bellini showed the excellence of this celebrated ensemble under his direction, even keeping the volume in check in relation to the singing onstage.


Natalia Di Bartolo

The orchestra of the Teatro Massimo Bellini directed by the young and excellent conductor, Mo. Salvatore Percacciolo, make an impecable team from all points of view ... ..... The orchestra, wisely led by Percacciolo, played with a delightful sound that honoured the instrumentalists who showcased their parts with enviable quality.

Informa Sicilia

Maria Grazia Minio

There was fully convincing proof that Salvatore Percacciolo, who led the Symphony Orchestra of the "Corelli" with a sure hand, is a conductor who has great perspective and is already showing valid substance. His rendition of the Overture "Coriolanus" op. 62 by Beethoven and "Variations on a theme by Haydn," Op. 56a by Brahms was marked by vibrant and passionate accents.

Gazzetta del Sud

Matteo Papalardo

From a strictly musical point of view, the orchestra of our theater responded with great professionality to the direction of Mo. Salvatore Percacciolo. He achieved an excellent balance in the choice of timing and sound, never overwhelming the singers and above all respecting the lightness of Mozart's score, without ever yielding to musical outbursts, not even in the Commendatore's scene.

Bellini News

Giuliana Cutore

Salvatore Percacciolo, from the podium, has done a great job of musical interpretation, with brisk tempi and maintaining a sound level and timbral transparency that are essential for an opera by Mozart.

I Vespri

Aldo Mattina

The success of the evening was granted us by the irreplaceable valid young musicians in the Orchestra Progetto Sipario, conducted with natural authority by maestro Salvatore Percacciolo.

Corriere Adriatico

Fabio Brisighelli

Salvatore Percacciolo on the podium of the Orchestra Sipario Project conducted operettas with elegance, showing the right lightness that the two scores indisputably contain with all the singers that supported this vision, for a show that was the pleasantly homogeneous fruit of group - work handled with passion and seriousness.

La Voce d'Italia

Claudio Lisanti

.....the fluid musicality of the composer's notes, managed from the breezy baton of the conductor, Salvatore Percacciolo which conducts the orchestra.


Fabio Brisighelli

A glimpse of a classical style can be seen in Salvatore Percacciolo's glance that can't avoid giving us his personal touch, characterized by a compost vitality. His character stands out above all in Symphony n.1 ( sol minore ) ' Winter Dreams ' op.13 of Ciajkovskij. Following the narrative thread of winter landscape scenes, the orchestra and the conductor give life to a big sonorous representation that brings out the orchestral colour, in the constant return of a melancholy melody, underlining the inspiration of liberty. Descriptive music which gives the conductor the possibility to open up to interesting interpretative ideas, optimizing the instrumental voices, from the flute to the bassoon, and then to the oboe in a good, tone – coloured mix. A rich orchestral – score , where the conductor's care stands out for the phrasing, wide and articulate in the adagio, and the control of the musical page in many technical aspects but especially in the ability of interpreting the style and aesthetic code, sinking into Ciajkovskij's thematic music.

L'Unione Sarda

Greca Piras

Salvatore Percacciolo has all the right requirements to become a leading figure. We can already appreciate his talent with “ the Concerto Straordinario for the 50th anniversary of the Italy Unity” and now that he has come back with an entirely symphonic programm, Percacciolo had reconfirmed himself as a brilliant young promise with that some precision and freshness that we had found in the Verdian pages, qualities now infused in “Linz”, Mozart's Symphony n.36 K425. An interpretation that excels for its vivid pulsations in its rythmical aspects, bright declamation and poetry in each of its musical phrases, in a word, a Mozart who predicts a romantic atmosphere. The obstinate orchestration catches your attention between its instrumental section, as does its opulent scale of dynamic colours. Percacciolo brings out his very best, from the lyrical compagine, even in Ciajkosvskij's Symphony n.1 “Winter Dreams”. Its limpid sound, its powerful tone – colour of the entire orchestra, its incisive bows, and with a special reguard for the wind section without a doubt a very explosive performance, but at the same time capable of subtle refinement.

La Nuova Sardegna

Gabriele Balloi

The praise goes to the conductor and to his orchestra in that they didn't stop at the showier aspects of Verdi's art of poetry, but rather looking in depth....

L'Unione Sarda

Greca Piras

.....”Simphonies and opera choruses from the Italian Risorgimento” was the theme of the program conducted by Salvatore Percacciolo. Young and talented baton who found himself at home with this repertoire. From “ Ernani” to “ Macbeth”, from “ I Lombardi alla prima crociata” to the “Nabucco”, with energy and character, meticulous on the rhythm and on the crescendo symbol, conducts the Verdian scores putting freshness and conviction in them which he transmitts to all of the orchestral musicians.

La Nuova Sardegna

Gabriele Balloi

An entralling orchestra well conducted by Salvatore Percacciolo.

La Repubblica

Angelo Foletto

In the end they cheer for their young conductor Salvatore Percacciolo, as if he were a pop star, an italian operatic wonder, despite the massive cuts in arts funding.


Sabine Radermacher