28 ottobre 2015

Venerdì e sabato al Teatro Politeama il maestro Salvatore Percacciolo dirigerà l’Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana

Venerdì 20 e sabato 21 febbraio, al Teatro Politeama, all’interno del programma della stagione concertistica 2014-2015 dell’Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, si terranno due concerti che vedranno protagonista […]
22 ottobre 2015

‘Scalia/Ginsburg’: An affectionate comic opera look at the high court

CASTLETON, Va. — The Senate is no longer a locus of oratory, and the House is a haven for demagogues. The president can’t get legislation enacted, so […]
8 settembre 2015

‘Scalia/Ginsburg’ opera underscores how opposites can be in harmony

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg married a same-sex couple in May, she proudly proclaimed that she did so “by the powers vested in me […]
8 settembre 2015

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a highlight at Castleton Festival

The highly anticipated first entrance of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to deliver what has become her signature off-the-bench talk, “Law in Opera,” begins off-stage left where […]